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The restaurant business is a difficult one to break into. Especially in our area in the Coachella Valley, competition is high! You may not know where to start, what you’ll need in your kitchen, or the exact regulations you’ll need to be in compliance with. That’s when you’ll need the expert restaurant consulting services of Best Buy Restaurant Equipment & Supplies.

Our dedicated experts have been in this industry for many years, and have helped consult on and design over 20 restaurants each year since they got started. Eduardo Gomez and his family are dedicated to making sure you see the success they know is possible. Best Buy Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has worked hard to maintain their great reputation by always staying on top of industry regulation standards, finding the best warranties on the highest quality equipment, and most importantly, forming long-lasting and supportive relationships with each and every one of their clients.

When you come to us for help designing your new restaurant, our consultants will walk you through the entire process in as thorough a manner as possible to help ensure your success in the long run. First, we will start with the most important part of your restaurant- your menu. What you plan to serve your customers will determine everything else, including the equipment you’ll need in your kitchen, the dinnerware you’ll use and even the layout of your restaurant.

After determining exactly what your kitchen will need and how it should function, we will then discuss your budget. Your budget will determine the kind of equipment we help find for you. We can provide you with everything from the top-of-the-line commercial kitchen equipment, to cheaper used equipment depending on your financial needs. We will also always take other factors into account that will help sustain the equipment in your kitchen. This includes information on warranties, part availability in case of repair needs, and manufacturer guarantees. By taking all of these factors under consideration, and educating you on your options along the way, we can be sure we’re setting up your business to succeed.

Beyond the quality equipment you’ll need, we help you understand and then pass the mandatory inspections your business will need to undergo. We can help to educate you on these regulations and inspections to make sure nothing hinders your progress!

No matter what step of the process you find yourself stuck at, we can help you move forward. We love seeing local restaurants succeed, and would love to help make sure you’re set up for the success we know is possible in this industry! Call us today to get started and see what’s possible with Best Buy Restaurant Equipment & Supplies as a partner.


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